Darts Glossary F

The largest portion / area in each pie-section(numbered area) of the dartboard between the double and treble.

Scoring or need to score 33 points.

Also see CIRCLE IT or WHALE. When a player accumulates 9 or less score by throwing 3 darts. Players will then shout "circle it" and draw a fish or whale around the score to mock the player.

Scoring 26 points by throwing 3 darts, hitting a single 20, 5, and 1. Also known as a "Breakfast", "Classic" or "Bed & Breakfast". The term was derived from the price of a typical breakfast in England costing “two and six” at that time.("2 shillings and sixpence" or "two and six"). Interesting to note the number 20 is right in the middle on top of the dartboard with the numbers 5 and 1 to the left and right of the 20. Many people when aiming for the 20 will hit the 5 and 1 instead of the 20.

Refers to the number 15 in the game of cricket.

Throwing darts in an undue and wild like manner just to irritate opponents.

Missing with all 3 darts in the game of cricket. Also known as a WILSON

The tail piece right at the end of the dart. Also called feathers. The flight are is held into position by the shaft which is directly behind the grip / barrel of the dart.

A player who can’t take it when losing a game.

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