Darts Glossary 0-9

01 Games
01 Games usually refers to all the 01 dart games eg. 101, 201, 301, 401, 501,…. etc. Normally not higher than 1001.

Each dart player starts the game with 501 points. The aim for each player is to reduce their score of 501 to 0 with as few darts as possible. To start the game each darter must double-in(hit any double first). The double-in score plus all subsequent scores are then deducted from the starting score until close to zero. To end the game players MUST double-out(close with a double) with a dartboard number which would end the game with exactly zero points.

To see a detailed explanation of exactly how to play 501 or any other 01 game visit the How to play any darts 01 game web page.

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