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All The Most Popular Darts Games.

All darts games are fun and exciting to play. What makes it great to play all the different darts games, is that you get a lot of practice. Of all the darts games, "501" is probably the most popular or well-known darts game, because it is played in all major tournaments around the world.

Below is a list of some great dart games which you can try out by yourself or with family and friends. Some of these games were invented or developed to be played on electronic dartboards, but we changed the games so you can play it on your normal (non-electronic) dartboard.


PS! For the instructions to make sense, you should familiarize yourself with the layout of the dartboard. The Darts Glossary could also be of some help to understand the games better.


Most Popular Dart Games in the World
All 01 Games
Most famous and popular, like 501
Fun and good for accuracy.
Also known as Fifty One by Fives or 51 by 5’s.
 Watch this space for plenty more darts games