Hi, my name is Louis and I live in sunny South Africa right next to a botanical garden in a small town called Ruimsig.



My wife´s name is Belinda and we have 2 children. A daughter named Loandri and a son Brendon.

Belinda is a housewife or as some people like to call it, a “home executive”. Loandri is a professional make-up artist and hair dresser and Brendon is web developer.

I have various hobbies and passions, of which darts is definitely one, but I also have a passion for computers, Formula 1 motor racing, Motor Cycle Grandprix, rugby, cricket and golf. I also like to braai (barbecue) and spend some time with good friends, and watch a good movie now and then.

I have been playing darts since I was a small boy. Most of my friends had dartboards. I bought my own dartboard, when I started earning my own income, and have never been without one since.

I am definitely not a league player, in fact I think I am quite average. I get my good days and sometimes not so good days, but I never feel that I am completely over-shadowed by other players. I am currently not playing as much as I use to, or would like to, and if you want to throw or play really well, you need to practice a lot.

Due to my passion for the game, I decided to start a small darts website, because an acquaintance once told me, that he thought darts was only played by beer drinkers in pubs. I was quite surprised at this perception he had, because I never go to pubs and that is probably why I don’t know anyone who does. Our friends and family all like to socialize at home and this is where we play darts.

There is nothing wrong with people going to pubs. We all have our ways of socializing and having fun. I just feel, if people have the wrong perception about something, they need to be made aware of it, because they might loose out on something great.

This is how I decided to do my bit for the game, and started to research everything about darts, that I could lay may hands on, and the facts and statistics are astonishing. I couldn´t believe how popular the game of darts really is, and how many millions of people are playing it socially, not even talking about competitively.

Darts is a lot more popular than people can imagine. It´s popularity is growing on a daily basis. Watching the major darts tournaments on TV is awesome, exciting and fun, and has really boosted the sport tremendously. Every person I know, who watch these tournaments, dream of throwing like the pro´s do.

Have you seen the pro´s throw?, These guys practice 5 hours a day! Luckily, it doesn’t take that long to throw really well and enjoy the game. You can learn a lot within 15 minutes. Making a few minor changes to your throwing style can improve your game drastically.

REAL accuracy does not come overnight and takes a lot of practice. Once you start playing and learn to throw reasonably well, you automatically want to play more which helps to improve your game again and also sharpen your accuracy.

My aim with this website is to make everything as simple as possible. I want people to learn more about the game and how to play. I have seen many times, how a boring time can change into a fun time, once the dartboard is taken out or opened up.

There are so many games you can play and they are all exciting. It is also a cheap sport to practice and everyone can play it, the old, the young, the disabled, it doesn’t matter who you are or how you look, you can enjoy the game with others. How many sports can say that?

I would like to make this one of THE best dart websites on the internet. If you have any ideas or suggestions, on how to improve this site, I would really like your inputs or comments.

Please feel free to contact me via the CONTACT US page.


Thank you for visiting. Enjoy and pleasant surfing!

Louis Venter