The Oche

The Oche is a marker on the ground, set at a specific distance from the dartboard, from which the dart thrower throws the darts to the dartboard.

The Trowline

The Dartmat
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The Oche, also known as the “Throw line” or “Toe Line”, is pronounced same as “Hockey” without the “H” i.e. “ockey” .

There is no real clarity where the word “oche” actually originated. It is still a mystery today, but with all the speculation going on, the closest I could find that made sense and had the most creditworthiness, was from a dart historians site, named Patrick Chaplin.

When the game of darts was standardized in the 1920, the word that was actually used by News of the World for their individual darts competitions and also in “tournament rules”, was “hockey”. The word “hockey” was derived from an old English word “hocken” which meant “to spit”.

There is an explanation further how spitting competitions were held in the public bar of the English public house, and Patrick’s theory is that the “hockey line” was determined by the length that a given player could spit from a position with his back to the dartboard. If you want to know more about the history of darts then Patrick’s site will impress you. For more info about the history of the “oche” visit Patrick’s Site

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