Understanding The Dartboard

New to the game of darts? Then your first task is to understand the dartboard. To get you rolling and on your way to become the new local or family champ, before you go on to become world champion, you first need some education.

Background info on The Dartboard

Dartboards come in various makes, types and materials. The two main types of dartboards used today are:

  1. Bristle Dartboards – Old fashion type wall-mounted dartboards and
  2. Electronic Dartboards – Newer type, self-standing or wall-mounted.

For this exercise we’ll use the old-fashion bristle dartboards. Some people believe that dartboards are made from pig skin or pigs “ hair, which is not true!

Earlier dartboards were made from elm tree logs, while many dartboards today are made from compressed paper. These dartboards are very cheap and do not last long. Bristle dartboards are more expensive, but they last forever and a day compared to other types of dartboards. Bristle dartboards are also endorsed by most, if not all, darts organizations around the world.

Bristle dartboards are made from sisal fibers, traditionally used in the making of twine and rope. These fibers are imported from various countries around the globe, mainly Africa and Brazil, bundled together, compressed, and then put through a few processes to eventually be transformed into great looking dartboards. These dartboards are really tough and are made to withstand long term constant use, whether it’s at home or in tournament competitions. The dartboards you see on TV during major competitions are all bristle dartboards.

Sisal Plant

Plant Cutt13gs

Sisal Processed

Rope made from Sisal

How it works

All dartboards are divided into 20 pie-shaped sections, also called “segments”, which are numbered from 1 through 20. Right at the center of all dartboards are two small circles or narrow rings, one smaller than the other, both called the bulls-eye. The smallest circle or ring right at the center are known as the inner or double bull counting 50 points (value of 2 x single bulls). The circle just outside of the inner bull is called the outer or single bull and counts 25 points.

The Dartboard

The dartboard also contains two bigger rings, one in the middle and another on the edge of the outside number ring. The middle bigger ring is known as the "treble area", counting three times the value of the score or number opposite it’s pie-shaped section. The bigger outer ring, right on the edge of the outside number ring, is known as the "double area", counting two times / twice the value of the score or number opposite it’s pie-shaped section.