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There is a lot to learn about playing darts, and here are a just few of the things you can learn…

  • What this great game is all about and how the game of darts is played?
  • Whether children can play darts, and if it’s really safe for them?
  • When and where the game of darts originated…some great interesting darts history facts?
  • How popular this game really is and how many people are actually playing darts?
  • How to setup a dartboard with the correct height and distance measurements?
  • How to hold a dart, how to stand and how to throw a dart?
  • Which dartboards and darts are the best and where you can purchase them?
  • What other darts accessories there are and how you can get hold of it?
  • All the different dart games and their rules.
  • If you plan to compete in darts tournaments, you can learn the major tournament rules here.
  • Learn new dart techniques and how to improve your dart throwing skills.
  • Who the top dart players in the world currently are and how they look.
  • Checkout the worlds most famous 9 Dart Finish videos(See how the PRO’s do it!)
  • Darts News around the world…and a whole lot more…

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